Oven Cleaning - Frequently Asked Questions

What can we offer?

At Repairtech Services (UK) Ltd we offer an Oven Cleaning Service on both AGA and Rangemaster Appliances.

What Part of the Cookers are cleaned?

Attention to detail is key during our Oven Cleaning Service, and so we pride ourselves on the fact that the whole Appliance is cleaned. Inclusive of; Doors, Glass, Hobtop, Main Oven Cavity etc. If your appliance has triple or quadruple glazed glass, it can take slightly longer but this will be discussed once our Cleaner is on-site.

What products are used during the clean?

We pride our Oven Cleaning Service on the fact that we only use Eco-Friendly and Non-Caustic Oven Cleaning products. We have developed an extremely effective method to break down burnt on carbon deposits as well as removing general oven grease.

How soon after the clean can I use the Appliance?

Due to the usage of Eco-Friendly and Non-Caustic products, you can use your oven straight away! The products used during the Oven Clean are deemed safe for you, your pets and our Cleaners!

How long does the Oven Clean take?

We pride ourselves on making your Ovens look brand new again, and so, an Appliance Clean can take anywhere between 4 and 5 hours. Rest assured our Cleaners will not be in-and-out of your house within minutes! However, the time required can vary depending on the condition of your AGA/Rangemaster upon the arrival of our qualified Cleaner.

How often should I have my oven cleaned?

Having your oven cleaned regularly will not only prolong the working life of your cooker, but it will also give you its optimum performance. Therefore, we suggest that you should schedule an AGA/Rangemaster clean anywhere between every 9-12 months!

Are your Oven Cleaners trained?

Most definitely! All of our Oven Cleaners are expertly vetted and have undertaken extensive specialist training. Not only are our Cleaners highly qualified, they are also DBS checked as your safety is paramount to us!

Is there any difference in the cleaning method for Mercury & Falcon Cookers?

As Falcon and Mercury Appliances have lovely brass handles & knobs, they require some additional TLC. Our Cleaners hand soak the brass parts in a non-caustic solution and then hand polish them to bring them back to life! Due to the additional labour-intensive cleaning method required, the cost is slightly more but trust us, it’s worth it!